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Fabbio's Bio on Advocate's Blog!

Ciao a tutti !
Direttamente dal blog della Advocate Art una mia piccola biografia totally in english!

A little Fabio's bio from Advocate Art Blog!

Advocate Art proudly presents freelance children’s book illustrator Fabio Santomauro, an illustrator from Rome. Comic books and animation is something Fabio is keen on and this reflects wonderfully in his children’s book illustrations. We think his work is perfect for young fiction. Take a look at his work on the advocate website!

Hi! I’m Fabio Santomauro, I was born in Rome in 1981 and I work as illustrator for both young and old kids. My nickname is Fabbio. With two B, since my granny always write my name this way in her Christmas cards. I’ve been drawing since I was very young – since I ingested a whole inkpot – and I’ve always been hooked on sketching comics on my exercise books.
I wished I could become an inventor or a detective, like one of my first characters, Fabio Spektor. I studied architecture during my senior high school and animation cinema at “Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia”, the national school for cinema in Italy, later on. But I’ve never stopped experimenting new techniques.
I have a blog where I show my new drawings, animations, and – why not? – My musical compilations, too. I’m keen on music and I love going out for concerts with my girlfriend to find out new bands nobody knows! During sunny days I stroll about Roman villas juggling with my clubs. When I illustrate I ask myself “how can I amuse other people?” My aim is having a target as wide as possible. I’ve always tried to develop an original style, in continuous evolution.

a presto boys and girls.

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